As we know when first released of the BDP-95 universal/Blu-ray player on 2011 has many succeed. OPPO has launched a replacement for the well-loved BDP-95 in the form of the brand new BDP-105.  OPPO began to explore a more upscale market—one where players are evaluated not just in terms of value for money, but in terms of absolute performance. In term of prices, in my opinion,this is extremely worth it to spend to have this High-end Blu-ray with outstanding audio performance.

This OPPO BDP-105 tend to SELL OUT VERY FAST !
If this is a MUST HAVE Blu-ray Player, be sure order now to avoid disappointment.

OPPO 105 With Accesories

OPPO 105 With Accesories

What’s In the Box

Once you have OPPO 105 Box, it would comes with a lot of cool accessories. The Box contain :

  • The OPPO 105 player itself, complete with a protective fabric bag.
  • An all-new, backlit remote control that looks like a cross between one of the earlier-generation Oppo remotes and the control for an AVR. (The remote comes, of course, with its own batteries.)
  • A thorough and very well written product manual.
  • A beefy power cord.
  • A HDMI cable (not one of the those cheapie thrown-in-as-an-afterthought jobs, but rather a serious HDMI cable).
  • A USB extension cable with small, pedestal type USB port
  • An HDMI-MHL adapter cable (useful for those who wish to connect HD devices—for example, certain smartphones—that support MHL interfaces).
  • The aforementioned USB W-Fi dongle.

What makes the OPPO 105 different and better?

Given the BDP-95’s already sterling reputation, users are bound to ask what makes the BDP-105 genuinely different from and potentially better that the BDP-95 it replaces.

OPPO 105 Front View

OPPO 105 Front View

Video Performance:

  • Upscaling to “4k” Resolution: Unlike the BDP-95, the BDP-105 can upscale signals from all video sources (that’s right, “sources” plural) to 4K (that is, 3840 x 2160) output resolution. Yowza, that’s a lot of pixels!
  • 2D-to-3D Conversion: Unlike the BDP-95, the BDP-105 can convert 2D material for 3D playback with adjustments for depth and eye convergence levels.
  • Multiple Video Inputs: With the BDP-95 the main input sources were A) the disc player onboard, or B) various network content streams such as Netflix. The BDP-105 retains those inputs, but adds two more in the form of a pair of HDMI inputs (one of which is MHL compatible).  This new wrinkle means that you can connect other video source devices, such as network streaming devices, set-top cable boxes, etc., to the Oppo, so as to take advantage of the BDP-105’s incredibly powerful onboard Marvell Qdeo Kyoto-G2H video processing engine—an engine much more powerful than those typically found in other source components or typical AVR’s.

Audio Performance:

  • Improved Chassis: The OPPO 105 features a steel chassis that is significantly more rigid than the chassis used in previous Oppo players (including the BDP-95).
  • Passive Cooling: While the BDP-95’s cooling fan was never obnoxiously noisy, the OPPO 105 is quiet as the proverbial tomb in operation, which is a pretty major improvement for those of us who might use the player in desktop systems where we would be seated at arm’s length from the player. The BDP-105 is designed around a fanless architecture, meaning that it is entirely passively cooled.
  • Headphone Amplifier: Unlike the BDP-95, the BDP-105 provides a built-in headphone amp that runs straight off the player’s ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC.  No matter what source(s) you listen to through the Oppo, you can monitor them through your high-performance headphones.
  • A high res DAC with multiple, user selectable inputs: The audio section of the BDP-95 offered terrific onboard DACs, but it pretty much functioned with a limited array of inputs:  A) the disc player onboard, B) USB and/or E-SATA storage device, or C) various network-accessible content streams.  The BDP-105, however gives users a greatly expanded set of options including: 3 x USB ports—one accessible from the faceplate, one each Coaxial and Optical digital inputs, and two HDMI ports—one accessible from the faceplate. The point, and it’s a huge one, is that the BDP-105 is now more than just a disc player or network streaming device; it’s a full-on, high resolution, multiple input DAC.
  • Asynchronous USB: Just to be clear, the OPPO 105 offers an asynchronous USB DAC—the arrangement most audiophiles prefer.

OPPO BDP-105 Review from Buyers

Here are the reviews from amazon customers about their opinion about OPPO BDP-105 :

you wish you had one December 8, 2012

By Chris Smith.

Thought I was looking for a new pre-pro or receiver until this came along. As a very happy owner of an Oppo BDP-93 but in need of some additional capabilities as my Outlaw 950 pre-pro was getting very long in the tooth and my ancient Carver C-1 stereo preamp had no way to decode the Dolby Digital from the new TV (no analog outs!).

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but an audiophile grade blu-ray player (not just blu-ray – virtually everything, SACD, DVD-A, etc.) with pre-pro capabilities, accepting inputs from external devices and able to act as standalone high quality DAC as well. Unless you have a plethora of gear you may find as I did that you can use this BDP-105 to directly drive your power amps and act as your main processor and preamp. Streaming (wired or wireless) from DLNA or SMB shares and handling many file formats including .flac and .mkv. All this in addition to possibly the best blu-ray and upsampling output you’ll ever feed your display.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink December 21, 2012

By Wayne Cellon

I bought this player for its versatility. I’ve hooked it up in my home office with an extra Emotiva XPA-3 amp that I wasn’t using and am using it to stream music from Pandora, listen to music on my computer (via the USB DAC port) and listen to CDs/SACDs. Space is limited in my office and with the Oppo, I don’t need a receiver or pre-amp. I’m not even using it to watch Blu-Rays (I already have a BDP-93 for that).

The built-in headphone jack was also a big reason I got this player. I recently got a pair of Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro headphones and they have never sounded better hooked to this unit (although the only other place I use them is hooked to my laptop, non-amplified)!

I love the build quality of the Oppos. One of the first things I noticed with the BDP-93 and now this one was the sound that it makes when you open the disc holder. It just sounds solid and well-built compared to the cheaper players I have/had.

The network features that I have used on it are also “rock-solid”. I connected the network cable and did not have to mess with any other settings. I entered my Pandora information and it loaded within seconds. The upgrades to the firmware on this are also amazingly fast! The whole update process only took about a minute! I’ve had a Panasonic and LG and their updates can take 15 minutes or longer to download and install.

Eventually I would like to have a dedicated home theater room and will use the 105 as the main “media server” (that will have to wait for a bigger house). Until then, I am in audio bliss in my home office! :)

OPPO BDP-105 Review

Hope this OPPO BDP-105 Review is helping you to make decision toward this product.

This OPPO BDP-105 tend to SELL OUT VERY FAST !
If this is a MUST HAVE Blu-ray Player, be sure order now to avoid disappointment.